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Friends of Berlin Performing Arts is a booster organization dedicated to raising funds and providing support for not only our arts programs at Berlin High School, but also our children and students as they explore the arts. Most of the financial needs of the arts program at Olentangy schools are met only from money raised through our booster program. This money is needed to help pay for instruments, equipment, stage supplies and transportation vehicles. The success of our arts program is heavily dependent on the funds raised by the FBPA thorough parental support and community fundraising efforts. There are many ways we as parents and friends can support and build up this new school arts program. Being a new school there are many challenges to finance all that is needed to get our programs off to a great start! Please consider donating or helping with our fundraising efforts to make Berlin one of the most successful high schools in our district! 

 FBPA is a non profit organization that supports the performing arts at OBHS and its feeder schools

Our Mission 
to support the arts 

Not only are local businesses and donations needed in supporting OBHS arts financially, We are also in need of individual support through volunteer efforts! 

It is parental and individual support by volunteering that will make one of the biggest impacts on the success of your new high school and its students. Please consider contacting FBPA to find out more about getting involved and helping your school become the best it can be! 

We are going to need a lot of help in concessions again! All parents with students in the performing arts at OBHS are encouraged to volunteer at least twice a year. This still remains to be one of our biggest needs for parental support. Please consider checking the schedule often on ways you can help out!

through local business sponsorship and individual support
“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”– Albert Einstein

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul." Plato

Thank you for supporting Olentangy Berlin Arts!
Print and fill out sponsorship form or make a direct donation through PayPal.

We would love to have your help sign-up and volunteer!

Support FBPA

through individual and student support by volunteering

Local businesses can show their support for the new Olentangy Berlin High School through business sponsorship donations as well as individual donations. We will be sure to include your name in our concert, drama, and choral programs throughout the year! It's still a great time to get noticed by the local community through parents attending these arts events year round. Click on the link below and send in the donation form to get your advertising in the next event program.

FBPA Meeting Dates: 9/20/23, 10/18/23, 11/13/23, 1/17/24, 2/26/24, 3/18/24, 4/17/24 (elections). No meeting in December.